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Panther Pride Campaign

September is our Panther Pride Campaign month at Louisville Elementary!

What is the Panther Pride campaign about?  It is THE major fundraiser at Louisville Elementary, largely funding literacy and classroom support. Our school only gets 34% of its operating budget from state and BVSD funding.  The PTO covers the other 66% – making this direct ask campaign a vital part of or school operations.
Please donate online or return your donation in the envelope (in Friday Folders, to your child’s teacher, in snail mail, or to the front office) anytime during the month. Thank you!
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Direct Ask Campaign Goal

Matching Gifts



Support your child’s education this year  — Please donate

(Suggested donations is $175  per child or whatever you can give to help us achieve 100% participation)

As we continue to expect more budget cuts at the state level, we rely on your generous donations to fun needed programs at LES and offset future reductions.

Every Fall, the Louisville PTO raises money to support our children’s education. These donations go directly into your child’s classroom the year they are received.  This year our goal is $91,000.00.

Here are some examples of how your money is used to support our school:

  • Literacy support – providing paraprofessionals and/or tutors weekly in each classroom to assist in literacy instruction and curriculum while focusing on smaller group interactions.
  • Technology enhancements for classrooms
  • Enrichment programs such as guest speakers and educational seminars
  • Upgrades to learning supplies and organizational materials

What do other PTAs/PTOs and Schools in BVSD Ask for Monetarily (like our sister schools)?
*Superior “A ‘Superior’ Education” campaign – $100,000 budget. 462 students/$100,000 = $216 per child
*Heatherwood – $200 per child
*Douglass – $80,500 budget, $200 per child
*Bear Creek: $175, $350, $700, other – all per child
*Flatirons “Giving campaign” – $300 per child
*Mesa – $250 per child
*Foothill – $250/child
*Coal Creek – $85,000+budget/414 students =$205/child
*LMS – $150 per child 
*Fairview increments from $50 to $1,000
*Other….ML sport $45, $85. HS sport $185
* LES – $175/child ($19 per month, .95 cents per day)

Louisville Elementary PTO Tax ID # (PENDING)

You can now make your Direct Ask Campaign Donations here directly through PayPal click link below

Direct Ask Campaign Donations Form

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Direct Ask – Matching Gifts

Many employers offer a matching gift program for employees who donate to non-profit organizations and the Louisville Elementary PTO is an eligible 501(c) organization. Please ask your employer if a matching gift is an option and let us know on your donation form. We will send you any necessary information and help you out in any way …

Direct Ask Campaign Goal

How much should I give? Show your dedication to your child’s education and support his or her classroom this year by donating $175 per child, or a lump sum of your choice, or whatever you can give to help us achieve 100% participation. We want to emphasize that all donations are appreciated. Every family at Louisville Elementary is encouraged to …

FAQ Direct Ask Campaign

FAQs Direct Ask Campaign Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) What is the Direct Ask Campaign? Direct Ask is the annual Direct Ask campaign run by the Louisville Elementary School PTO. The month of September will again be our “Direct Ask” month. This is THE major fundraiser of the 2018/2019 school year. What is a Direct Ask …

Panther Pride Campaign Donation

Thank you for donating to our Panther Pride Campaign!  You can fill out the form below which will send you to PayPal directly. (Suggested donations is $175  per child or whatever you can give to help us achieve 100% participation) If you would like to setup Paypal recurring monthly payment click on this link: PayPal Recurring …