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Direct Ask Campaign Goal

How much should I give?

Show your dedication to your child’s education and support his or her classroom this year by donating $175 per child, or a lump sum of your choice, or whatever you can give to help us achieve 100% participation. We want to emphasize that all donations are appreciated. Every family at Louisville Elementary is encouraged to give what they can.

At $175 per child, that is less than $1 per day your child is in school this year!

And, if you can provide a “scholarship” for another Louisville student in need, please let us know.

Whether your child is in Kindergarten, 5th grade, or somewhere in between, our goal is 100% participation. Full participation indicates a strong sense of purpose and a true dedication to our school community and your child’s classroom.

How much money does the PTO need to raise with this campaign?

Based on our budget, the PTO needs to raise  $91,000 to support your child’s education.

Some of the things that Direct Ask donations fund include:

•Literacy support – providing paraprofessionals and/or tutors weekly in each classroom to assist in literacy instruction and curriculum while focusing on group interactions.

•Curriculum enhancements including books, technology and supplemental curriculum as identified by each grade level.

•Technology enhancement for classrooms

•Enrichment programs including field trips, guest speakers, and other programs to further curriculum specific learning.

How do I donate?

Please visit this page to donate to the PTO through PayPal. You may donate the full amount in one transaction, or set up monthly recurring payments through PayPal.


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